Anything interesting in the new Extra DOTS series 6? Dangly charms and more emoji prints 🤷🏻‍♀️

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I’m wondering how much longevity the Extra DOTS series has – it’s starting to be a bit same-y. New this time around for series 6 are novelty dangly charms and transparent neon green quarter pie tiles. And some more printed tiles to add to your collection.

If you’ve just dropped by, I’m Ellie! Lego is an artistic medium and no matter your building expertise there is something here for everyone. Stick around and I’ll build for you while I review new sets and create my own customs (MOCs). I tend to geek out about new pieces, get excited about learning new and interesting building techniques, giggle too much and just generally ramble. I’m easily distracted so things can get a bit hectic, but I’m sure you’re down for that.

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