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About the Bubble Trouble Sundae Funday

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Bubble Trouble Sunday Funday dolls are squishy smooshy cuties come to life inside a gumball machine. They are scrumptiously fragrant and prepared to be squeezed, and much like bubblegum they are bursting with flavour and squooshiness. Stretchy, scented hair and soft, squishy clothing, each one has a sticky, smooshy Bubble Buddy bestie.  Sundae Funday will melt your heart. She is cool and fun, and dances throughout the day in the sun with her Bubble Buddy Scoops.

Bubble Trouble are an interesting series of large scale dolls, each determining around 24cm tall. There are 4 different dolls to gather in wave 1. These elegant dolls each come with a certificate of authenticity. Likewise readily available are Bubble Gum Kitty, Pineapple Punch, and Watermelon Slice.

Bubble Trouble dolls each can be found in eye catching gumball product packaging, and will make an ideal gift for birthdays and Christmas. Each pack includes 1 doll, 1 bubble pal, and 1 certificate of authentication.

Who the Bubble Trouble Sunday Funday is best for

This is perfect for kids who love dolls and play pretend.  The doll is very squishy and good quality.  It is best for kids around age 4-7.

The Cons of Buying Bubble Trouble Sunday Funday

The dolls aren’t suited for children under the age of 3.  The dolls scent may also fade as time goes on.

Honest Reviews of Bubble Trouble Sunday Funday

Kids loved these dolls!  People who bought this toy said that the doll itself was bigger than expected and it came with a realistic scent.  People also really liked the accessories that came with the doll.

Bubble Trouble Sunday Funday

Where Can I Buy Bubble Trouble Sunday Funday

Bubble Trouble is available in the UK on Amazon and other local retailers.

Bubble Trouble Watermelon Slice


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