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Today we are unboxing new Transformers: Cyberverse Toys featuring Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Bumbleswoop, Wheelgrim, Slugtron and more! These toys feature transforming action inspired by the animated show.

Bumbleswoop set comes with 2 figures that combine to form a bigger robot toy! Combine the Bumblebee and Dinobot Swoop figures in 6 steps to build a 7-inch Bumbleswoop figure.

Slugtron set converts Megatron toy from tank to robot mode in 3 steps and Dinobot Slug toy from triceratops to robot mode in 5 steps.

Wheelgrim set convert Wheeljack toy from racecar to robot mode in 8 steps and Grimlock toy from T. rex to robot mode in 4 steps.

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